April 24 2023 – Delikate Rayne

Want the ultimate luxury experience? Then why not jet out to the Song Saa Private Island for a wellness retreat? A double-island located in the Koh Rong archipelago where it is surrounded by the calm waters of southern Cambodia, this eco-resort is part of the Song Saa Collective, which is a foundation whose mission is to promote ethics and sustainability in Southeast Asia. 

A five-night retreat, the Rejuvenate Retreat that the island offers to guests includes a luxurious accommodation, private consultation with the resort's spa manager, four body treatments, a facial, guest's choice of yoga or meditation sessions, a blessing bath, and even a personal blessing from actual Buddhist monks! Guests also have the option to book an upgraded all-inclusive package that also covers meals, transportation, and a tour of the local village. 

Since the resort runs on "island time," moving the clocks one hour ahead of mainland Cambodia, guests are able to take advantage of lighter, slower mornings and earlier sunsets--little details that the resort staff believe will be beneficial to wellness and health. In addition, many of the activities and information available invite guests to learn about the marine reserve on the island, the culture of the nearby village community, and how luxury and sustainability can coexist together as a lifestyle. 

Before coming to the island, guests are asked to complete a "Personal Preference Menu" via email where they can make note of their priorities for and goals during their stay on the island. Guests will be able to decide on small amenities that they would like to have and enjoy, such as if they want a yoga mat placed in their room or not, to larger amenities, such as tailor-made wellness programs, spa treatments, spiritual experiences, and educational environmental activities.

In fact, an average day for a guest focused on wellness promotion can be meditation at 6:30A.M.; the resort's complimentary yoga at 8AM; breakfast at 9AM; a fun activity ranging from water sports such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, and sailing to a simple tour at 10AM; lunch at 1PM; a spa treatment at 2:30PM; sunset drinks at 5PM; dinner at 6PM; and a bioluminescence water tour and night spa at 8PM.

If guests choose to carry on with a monk blessing, they can expect to receive spiritual healing. Moreover, guests can choose to have a spa treatment in the center of the island where the sanctuary is located or anywhere else on the island, including in a beachside pavilion, by the pool, or even in the privacy of your own room. Experience treatments such as body scrubs that use Khmer ingredients such as Koh Rong coconut oils and facials with Divine Ila products, which have more natural ingredients.

So why not come to this amazing island? With so many wellness options available and many combinations to enjoy from dawn to beyond dusk, not only will you be treated like royalty on this island by the staff, therapists, specialists, and monks, you can enjoy it all without harming the environment while being in a place that specializes in wellness--a trifecta of the perfect paradise getaway: luxurious treatment, a sustainable vacation, and a healing retreat. With your body, mind, spirit, and the environment all having a phenomenal time on this island, what more can you ask for?

Images: Pinterest
Words by Theresa Do