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November 28 2014 – Delikate Rayne


As the end of 2014 approaches (where DID the time go?) we take a moment to reflect on all of the things this year has brought us. Many, many things that is. Some good and some not so much but in any case the music we have received this year is something that will always be appreciated. From the some of the best turn up jams, to the f*ck it lets just do this, to your slow seduction situations not forgetting I just want to drink some wine and chill so nobody talk me, there was definitely a tune or two that we could all get on board with. Our list of music is a compilation of all sorts, no biased picks here. After all, music is what "feelings sound like" and you never feel the same way day in and day out- luckily there's a song for that. So get your iTunes ready because if you don't have these already you will want them pronto.  
1. Future- Move that Dope
2. Beyonce- 7-11
3. Coldplay- Midnight
4. Bobby Schmurda- Hot N*gga
5. Fka Twigs- Two Weeks
6. Lolawolf- Jimmy Franco
7. Drake- Trophies
8. Schoolboy Q- Man of the Year
9. Banks- Brain
10. Kehlani - Deserve Better