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March 09 2015 – Delikate Rayne







Comfort is key when you are gallivanting from destination to destination. Comfort does not have to mean arriving in less than desirable style though. Gone are the days of over-sized, schlumpy pieces that you don't want to be seen in yet alone have someone see you in. No more having to hide under huge sunnies and blankets ladies. It's all about having a few key, sleek yet simple pieces that allow you to travel and arrive looking impossibly fresh and chic. The jet set crowd has developed a pretty spot on formula to achieve just this: A big, comfy jacket that can double as a soft pillow plus ward off the in cabin chill, a pair of pants that aren't too tight & that allow you to move freely- you cant sit for long periods of time with the threat of your leg circulation being cut off, a roomy carry on bag that is easy to carry and has enough space to stash reading material, water and whatever other necessities you must bring on board, a breathable, non restrictive top, stylized sunglasses- this is one thing that can instantly pull together any outfit and a pair of shoes that are easily slipped on and off- you don't want to be the one holding up the security line after all.

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