Fashion is the quintessential expression of individuality. No one ever plays by the rules because there really are none. As we forge into the realms of the unknown, a variety of fashion options will continue to present themselves. The latest to hit the scene? Futuristic fabrications. By that we don't mean some sci-fi garb circa 3057 either. We are talking about innovative, mind blowing textiles which really are the next wave in fashion design. Alternate options to leatherwool, cotton and silk that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly are slowly starting expand in popularity as people become more aware of the benefits these substitutes offer. Take that one step further and you have "Wearable Tech". Starting off with a high-tech dress that changes into a state of transparency when you get excited. Called 'Intimacy White' and 'Intimacy Black,' they are made out of opaque smart e-foils. When the body experiences thrilling simulation and the heart rate rises, the coils change from black to see through. Next up, "Eat What You Wear" as in edible fabrics. Imagine being able to wear your dress while simultaneously eating it for dinner too. Can't finish it all? Wear your snack for later. Which is exactly what can be done by the concept created by Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes owners of  De Culinaire Werkplaats. Their results yielded a highly interesting mixture of edible food and fabrics which are completely edible. A variety of the food's intensified pigments are acquired by mixing the foods with juice colored vegan gelatin. Last but not least, we have "BioLace" to look forward to. The BioLace project is architectured to examine the burgeoning of a biological constructed future by "exploring the cellular programming of morphogenesis in plant systems". They predict a 2050 aftermath will involve "the designing of plants that could replace textile machinery, but also provide nutrients". Plants that will grow us fabric to make clothes and provide us with the supplements we need to survive? Yes, please. We are ready on deck with our rocket gassed up to take the ride into the future of textiles. Are you? Get on board or get left behind.