The jet set has pretty much seen it all. Been there, done that is not just the motto it's the way of life. Until now that it is. Enter an orbiting hotel that is 217 miles from the surface of Earth. Russian tech company Orbital Technologies  is creating a commercial space station that will allow travelers to have the vacation of their lives in outer space. $800,000 will get you there and an additional $160,000 for the required 5 day stay in the space station hotel. Your space vacation begins with a 2 day journey to the Orbital Technologies’ commercial space station aboard a Soyuz rocket. You will travel with an experienced space crew and up to 7 other tourists. The crew will accompany you the entire time- from when you leave Earth, to in space and back. You can also expect the best in food, gourmet to be exact. The traditional, typical one flavor, tubed mush that astronauts were served does not exist here. The commercial space station will be equipped with windows and equipment including cameras and binoculars. All of this is installed to ensure guests can see the unbelievable, stunning neighborhood this outer space adventure is located in. Slated to open in 2016 there is plenty of time to schedule an excursion. All that is left is what to wear?