The merging of fashion and technology is pretty inevitable. From high fashion, futuristic edible fabric to a stellar, out of this world getaway, the fashion and tech combo is gaining traction daily. One thing we haven't seen much of though is stylish yet wearable tech jewelry with specific functions. Even with the onset of many attempts- Genuinely useful, sensible and wearable technology, the sort that integrates effortlessly into your daily occurring is scarce. That is until now. Meet Cuff- "personal security without sacrificing style." The Cuff is a tiny, waterproof black device ingrained with an accelerometer providing a Bluetooth link to your smartphone. The perks of the cuff include never needs to be re-charged, can send out an alert to a friend or family member in an emergency, receive alerts from your dearest when they need you amongst others. Currently available in cuffs, necklaces and keychains for pre-order, shipping this Fall. Finally we can wear our tech in style while feeling connected and safe too.  

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