It's kind of rare to find one of those all in one en-compassing stops nowadays especially when it comes to getting all the good good for your body. The inside needs to be as clean and shiny so it can be pretty and sparkling on the outside. So when you do, you usually want to keep it to yourselves. We found one of these spots and as much as we want to keep it low key we won't. Only for you guys though, shhhhhh!

Enter Moon Juice, folks- if you aren't an LA native this gem is probably news to you. For us regulars though its one of our better on the hush spots. Want to go on a cleanse? They got you covered. Need specialty ingredients that way you can make all the potions your heart desires? It's present. All the stuff you read about online and want to implement into your diet? You can stock up here. From potions, elixirs to tonics they have something to assist you with stuff you might not even have known you needed help with! Still not sold? They even have moon dusts - edible powders you add to beverages and sometimes even food to help with stuff like beauty, your brain, sex, action etc.

Our favorite though are the moon milks. A perfect breakfast, snack or pick me up, anytime of the day. Its like a milkshake or really, really good protein shake but packed with all the things your body needs to function and just  look better in general. Check out our selects below.

If you are in LA or find yourself here sometime soon visit one of two locations and try a moon milk for yourself: Silverlake and Venice. You will feel better for it. Trust.
Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coconut, brown rice protein, chia seeds, tocotrienols, Phycocyanin Spirulina, stevia and pink salt.
Plant protein builds lean muscle, tames inflammation and boosts the immune system.
Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coffee, coconut, pink salt and stevia.
This concoction activates the brain, promotes glowing skin and boosts metabolism.
Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coconut, strawberries, rose water and honey.
It looks pretty and smells nice but even better is that is a stress reliever, thyroid supporting, aphrodisiac
Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coconut, matcha, lucuma, pearl, vanilla, sesame butter and coconut nectar
This yummy milk with the help of matcha nourishes the skin, while boosting your metabolism and activating the brain.

Imagery via Moon Juice Shop, Popsugar Australia
Words written by Delikate Rayne staff