Everybody has their own unique style, but with that comes a lot of different, and often unasked for, opinions. Today we’re going to talk about the most misunderstood spring and summer styles you’ve probably worn yourself.

First on our list is the infamous “pairing sneakers with a dress” trend. This is definitely an acquired taste, but nobody can deny how care free and comfortable of an outfit it makes.

Next, we have a simple band t-shirt. It’s amazing how many “do you even listen to them?” stares a simple band shirt can bring. Whether you listen to the band, or just think you look great in the shirt, you do you girl.


Moving forward, perhaps the best part about the spring and summer months are the sundresses. Often times leaving the house in a sundress has everybody asking “who are you so dressed up for?” when in reality throwing on a dress was SO much easier than pairing a top and a bottom.


The next trend on our list is flower crowns! Why are these only prominent at Coachella and other music festivals? Flower crowns are the perfect accessory for any summer outfit, and it should totally be the norm to wear these everywhere.

Lastly, we have the denim on denim trend. While this is a pretty popular trend for all you fashionistas out there, it’s still induces some funny stares. Although this trend does come with a couple rules, (different weights and washes of denim), it’s a pretty easy and fun trend for everybody can pull off!


Photos via Popsugar, Stylish Wife, Blog Bea Coup, Asos,  Badbrain's Vintage, Google Images, Harper's Bazaar

Words written by Rachel Rusian