Posted: Nov 29 2016
by: Delikate Rayne

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The closer it gets to the holidays the more of an excuse you have to wear your most festive fashion pieces. Whether its velvet, glitter, or sequins, this is the time of year to wear it all day without looking crazy. This week on DR Diary we’re focusing on sequins. Whether you need a sequin dress for a holiday party coming up, or you just want to work some sequins into your every day outfits, we got you covered. We found some casual pieces like an all sequined beanie, and a blazer that has just the right amount of sparkle. For the night time scene we found some gorgeous statement dresses and shoes that’ll bring all the attention directly to you. Sequins are a must this season- don’t be shy! It’s easy to work some sequins into your wardrobe and sparkle all day.

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Additional imagery via Pinterest, Delikate Rayne Blogspot and Pinterest