It's already back, award season is upon us! The first thing you usually think of when you hear the word “Hollywood” besides all the scene gossip is celebrities. One thing we love to play witness to is the fashion on the red carpet. If we’re being honest the red carpet pre-shows are usually way more entertaining than any award show will ever be. As we are in fully Emmy mode this week we got dresses for the carpet on the mind. Dress to impress being key- there's nothing like a gown to show off your shining aura of confidence. Whether you go with a bold print, lots of lace, or a super plain and simple design, wearing a gown is sure to make you look and feel your best. We found some gorgeous gowns that are sure to fit into anybody and everybody’s preferred style, and (of course) make them feel like the star they truly are.

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Additional imagery via Vogue UK
Words written by Rachel Rusian w/additional editing and text by the Delikate Rayne team