Ever need to perk up your day and beauty routine? Coffee-also known as the nectar of the gods-is loaded full of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants for improved health and appearance. A cup of this caffeinated goodness wont only jump start your day when sipped but it will also revitalize when applied to the skin. We never start our week without this aromatic, hydrating exfoliator. From the soft scent to the gentle texture, your skin will jump for joy at the first tingle of a coffee scrub. Awaken your senses and your skin for a perfect all-day glow that will keep you motivated from start to finish. Get inspired by these three coffee scrubs and their unique uses for every part of your beauty regime.



Burst into action with this tea tree oil and lemon zest infused coffee face scrub! Say goodbye to blemishes and dull skin, say hello to clearer, healthier skin. Don’t under estimate this 60g little tropical face scrub, it is packed with the vitamins and mineral’s you need for extra soft skin and a spot free complexion. Made with extra fine ground Robusta coffee powder, it will take extra special care when scrubbing those sweet cheeks. Enriched with antibacterial tea tree oil and lemon extract, cleaning out your pores and removing excess oils has never felt so refreshing. GROUNDED TEA TREE & LEMON FACE SCRUB is sure to wake up even the most tired looking skin.

Spice up your morning routine! Lift that tush and tighten those thighs with this all over body scrub. CARDAMOM COFFEE BODY SCRUB is a wonderfully indulgent and aromatherapeutic way to exfoliate, firm and antioxidize skin and underlying tissue. With hints of cardamom spice this natural diuretic removes fluid retention and reduces bloating which will reduce visible signs of cellulite. Also, a producer of caffeic acid, this caffeinated scrub will boost collagen to create firmer skin leaving you ready to conquer the day. 






Tingle throughout your day thanks to this invigorating peppermint infused scalp coffee scrub. Dont let this body scrub fool you, FRANK BODY PEPPERMINT SCRUB doubles perfectly as a scalp scrub that will awaken every hair follicle and leave your scalp tingling and mingling with excitement. The lively dual aroma of coffee and peppermint will arouse more than your nose; coffee and peppermint both act as stimulants that will fuel hair growth all while sloughing away dead skin.  Jolt your hair growth and shine with this miraculous coffee scrub!


 Words written by Mallory Maupin
Images courtesy of product sites
Additional imagery via Vogue Russia