Aside from being a beautiful and relaxing vacation destination to people all around the world, the beach and its oceans serves as home to an abundant amount of ecosystems and species. Often times, people neglect to think about the affect their habits have on the ocean. Daily activities can impact the ocean in numerous ways that many people do not even realize. When people think of activities that may harm the ocean, they most likely think of taking long showers, or not recycling, but even decisions such as where they buy their clothes can make a huge difference.
We at Delikate Rayne put together some cute products you can purchase that actually help out the ocean!


These first three products are sure to fill all of your denim desires. They’re from a brand called G-Star, which launched their G-Star Raw denim collection with the tagline “turning ocean plastic into something fantastic.” The brand literally takes plastic bottles from the ocean to produce their denim! They’re helping clean up the ocean and producing stylish clothing- it’s a win-win situation for everybody.


These next three items are from a brand called United by Blue. Not only do they only use organic materials for their products, but for every item sold, the company removes one pound of trash from the ocean. Once again, a winning combo! 

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Words written by Rachel Rusian 

Additional imagery via Vogue España