May 20 2016 – Delikate Rayne

It has often been said not all those who wander are lost. That couldn't ring more true. In this day and age of over saturation and sensory overload we are more than ever getting lost in the sauce. We need to remember to take a breath, which to be quite honest most people might not even know how to do. For if they did, they might be left behind. Blink and your chance has evaporated. We can't live like this but we do. So what if we didn't have that self made, psychological pressure taking hold of us? What if we were told that we only had x number of years, months days, minutes, seconds to live our last...What would you do? We rounded up some of the off the beaten path places you might want to add to your bucket list, just in case...
Sandy, white beaches that look and feel as soft as baby powder surrounded by water so blue and clear you will think it's fake. If that's not enough, staying in an eco-friendly hut right over the water where you can fall asleep to waves crashing under you; while looking at the fish through your coffee table swimming in the crystal see-through water is just about the coolest thing ever.
Why? One word- penguins. Literally thousands of them waiting to meet you. This sanctuary and eco reserve, home to at least five different species of penguins is located at the isolated Falkland islands at the southern most tip of South America. Word on the street is they aren't scared of humans so you can def get that Instagram money shot.
Besides the insane shopping here and we mean pure and total insanity, which deserves its own section. This is pretty much just for the underwater hotel situation. Atlantis, The Palm is Dubai's and one of the worlds only place where you can actually spend the night in the ocean. 2 rooms fit for kings feature luxurious three-story suites with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Ambassador Lagoon. Oh and thanks to the underwater en suite bathroom you can even bathe with the fish like whoa.
The beloved wonder of a gem located in Morocco has a plethora of one-of-a-kind shops, private courtyards and secret gardens which lend to its appeal. Not to mention the ruins and one of the most intriguing histories for all of you fact lovers. All of this topped off with being home to Jardin Majorelle, which "Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé saved from destruction and transformed into an oasis full of plants and a vibrant blue villa" is a must. Oh and one can definitely not miss La Mamounia—"Marrakesh’s grand dame that has drawn Hollywood royalty for a century" so basically tinseltown's home away from home. Which you can now visit too.
Imagery via Google images, Tumblr
Words written by Delikate Rayne staff