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Delikate Rayne (pronounced 'delicate rain') is the vegan based, eco focused brainchild of sisters Komie and Meg Vora. The brand's title is an amalgamated translation of their Hindi names and a respectful nod to their East Indian roots. As first generation born and raised in the USA, Meg and Komie are going against the grain- forgoing their traditional cultural and gender expectations, by using their upbringing (Jain + Hindu roots plus born & raised vegetarian- now vegan) alongside their adoration of animals, to create green luxury- definitive and progressive designs with a purpose into existence. Who knew that the things that they were once made fun of while growing up would make such an impact later in their life. How their unconventional upbringing and values led them to discover their passion which ultimately led to them to answer one of their callings- which now is channeled through the creation of Delikate Rayne. Through DR the Vora sisters are disrupting the fashion industry by being a voice for the voiceless, empowering other females to go after their passion and using their activism to serve as a catalyst for fashion industry change.

With advocacy continuing to lead journey, the Vora sisters have curated a number of other impact-ridden projects and collaborations with non-profits (PETA, PETA India, Animal Hope and Wellness etc.). Their PETA India project included creating the country's 1st ever vegan fashion lookbook which has since been printed into hard copies and distributed across college shows in India. Alongside their work with Delikate Rayne, wanting to bring awareness to the importance of conscious consumerism they created "The Wardrobe Diet" a useful process encouraging consideration, guiding individuals in implementing impactful purchasing decisions + how to create new variations from their current closets.

Today, in addition to winning the Vegan of the Year Award for "Outstanding Vegan Creative" + recognition from multiple outlets including profiles in Forbes, NBC, The HuffPost, WWD, The Los Angeles Times, India West, The Hindustan Times and more, the Vora sisters and DR have paved the way for other compassionate companies to date while continuing to be highlighted for their strong commitment to making compassion cool through meaningful change.