Bikram yoga has been one of the hottest trends in the fitness world over the last few years. While some don’t get why one would voluntarily stretch and bend while sweating it out in a 40 degree yoga studio, others have become devoted yogis and are reaping the benefits.

Yoga improves strength, posture, circulation and flexibility, awakens compassion and promotes mindfulness. Staying fit and mindful while travelling can be tricky but not when there is a Bikram yoga studio in town.

Why not stop in for a class during your travels or devote a weekend or more to yourself and your practice and find out what all the fuss over this hot new trend is all about.

Hot bikram retreats offer the chance to indulge in exotic locations, nourish your body with yoga and gourmet vegan cuisine and connect with like-minded travelers. We’ve found the top 3 hottest yoga retreats around the globe.
Tranquil Point, Tasmania
Jiwa Bikram Yoga, Bali
LUXYOGA, South of France
Can you handle the heat?


Imagery via Chelsey Prior (, Google Images, Elle Espana, Yoga Goddess wordpress blog

Words written by Chelsey Prior