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May 24 2017 – Delikate Rayne

Let the good times roll with all the positive vibes that these sonic cleansing systems provide. Join the craze, the sonic face brush buzz that is. Cleansing the face is the basic step towards healthy skin. For most of us, we use various products to ensure a good cleanse. These products include vegan face washes in various formulas, face scrubs and even chemical peels. But an emerging trend in skin care is cleansing using a face brush. Instead of relying on micro-beads, a face brush will sweep dead skin cells faster, more effectively. Swipe one of these brushes to your face and watch dirt, grime, sebum and other debris slough off effortlessly. Perhaps one of the most important advantages of using a facial brush is it changes the skin’s texture for the better. Face brushes promote blood circulation. The brush massages the skin; this increases blood flow underneath the skin layers and tightens the skin surface. Weknow, you are wondering if these little vibrating gems are worth all the hype and we have put in the werk and swear by these babies. Try these tiny sonic treats and keep vibin’ positive feels and radiant skin.  



Not only are the LUNA cleansing system seriously stylish devices, they also delivers on its promises. Just 1 minute's use morning and night will drive away blemish-causing impurities, leaving the skin looking clearer, brighter and healthier in just 3 days. Smart and Travel-Friendly. Deep cleansing never felt this good. Combining innovative T-Sonic pulsations with a silicone brush design, these vibrating cleansers bring a radical new approach to facial-cleansing that is both deeper and gentler. These T-Sonic pulsations are applied across the dermal surface to help instantly refresh the look and feel of the skin, while each one of the LUNA devices1,300 nonabrasive touch-points are coated with smooth silicone for cleansing that feels amazing.


 The active electromagnetic technology has been applied in this Ultrasonic Rechargeable Cleansing Brush, the inner circle and outer circle can be vibrated 220 million times per second, conveying double vibration to remove your blackheads, whiteheads and minimize your clogged pores and smooth bumpy skin, exfoliate dead and dry flaky skin or aged corneum, fade away acne scars.



This one is a twist on a classic. Beautiful skin in the palm of your hand. The Mia FIT sonic facial cleansing brush has two speed settings for sonic cleansing your skin: Delicate and PowerCleanse to remove impurities, sunscreen and makeup 6x better than hands alone. Ideal for makeup removal - no additional makeup remover product needed. The new compact, lightweight design fits in your handbag, gym bag or travel bag for radiant, smooth skin on the go.



Imagery via Teen Vogue, Current Body, The Urban Gent, YouTube

Words written by Mallory Maupin