February 04 2021 – Delikate Rayne

Come to the new vegan mecca of Asia: Taipei. As the capital of the country of Taiwan, this city was named Asia’s most vegan-friendly city by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)-Asia in 2016. With roughly 10% of its population not eating meat, Taipei has a diverse selection of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants ranging from cafes and bakeries to cuisines and fusion joints.
Pastries from Vegan Heaven


Try your sweet tooth at the Blossom Rena Vegan Cafe which serves desserts such as toffee caramel flavored creme brulee and waffles covered with drizzles of chocolate. Or perhaps Vegan Heaven which carries macaroons, tarts, biscuits, and cruelty-free version of Taiwan’s traditional and famous pineapple cake? If you’re looking to fill up, head over to Ooh Cha Cha which carry dishes such as BBQ pulled Mushroom tacos, spicy mango avocado burger, and the WORKS Nachos.  Or test your taste buds at Soul R. Vegan Cafe, which serves Mushroom spaghetti with alfredo sauce, Mediterranean risotto, and black pepper vegan sirloin steak.

Vegan steak on iron skillet from Soul R. Vegan Cafe 

Rest up for the night after spending the day exploring the city’s various vegan foods by staying at vegan-friendly luxury hotels such as the Grand Hyatt Taipei. With 850 rooms and suites giving a wide view of tree-covered mountains, sleep in feather-free pillows and duvets and enjoy bathroom amenities that are 100% vegan and have no animal-based products or animal-tested products. You can also stay at their competitors who have a vast menu non-feather pillow such as that of Le Meridien Taipei; Reagent Taipei (with their signature tea leaves pillow); and Mandarin Oriental (with their variety of buckwheat, foam, latex, or NASA-designed memory foam). Sleeping with these vegan-friendly bedding options means you can have a relaxing, and remorseless rest.
Grand Hyatt Taipei

And if your body still needs more relaxation, check out the spas in Taipei. At Sparadise the Organic Meridian Massage Spa, enjoy some aromatherapy massages paired with French organic oils. On the other hand, you can head over to Relax33 for their tuina massage that targets all five senses for an fulfilling, full body experience. You may also head to San Ye Zu Ti Yang Shen Guan for a fulfilling, full body oil massage and foot spa.

Sparadise Organic Meridian Spa Massage 

There are other activities in Taipei that you can do as well. For instance, if you want to see some animals to help boost your mood and bring some happiness to your journey, you can go to The ARK, an Animal Care Trust UK charity that aims to help suffering animals. You can come here to volunteer, give donations, or foster or adopt an animal.
Here, in Taipei, there is no shortage of vegan friendly activities to do and places to discover, from enjoying spas and visiting the animal sanctuaries to trying all the different foods the city has to offer and crashing at the various hotel options.Come to this Asian vegan hub and see what you can unearth. With various religious traditions and more vegan options than their nextdoor neighbors--South Korea, Japan, and mainland China, Taipei, Taiwan is the place to be for vegans in Asia!

Images: State of Bliss Tumblr, Happy Cow, Hyatt Properties, Pinterest 
 Words by Theresa Do