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June 03 2021 – Delikate Rayne

black african supermodel Beverly Peele walking the runway for Alaia in an all denim ensemble for the Spring/Summer season in 1991
Chances are you've come across a thrift store at some point in your life. Whether you were giving away or taking home some valuable finds, thrifting has become quite common now despite being around for centuries. Before secondhand stores were invented, people would hand-make and wear their clothes until they were no longer wearable. When that happened, they would break it down and make something new of it again and again. Nothing went to waste. Today, the average American is said to throw out 82 pounds of textile waste a year.

There are many ways we can help cut down the negative causes that pollute and destroy our environment, and thrifting is one of them. Thrifting is an exciting way to invest in materials you love while also reducing textile waste. There are several other perks of thrifting, such as:

UNIQUE AND ONE-OF-A-KIND WARDROBE- The fun thing about thrifting is the variety of materials there is to be discovered. You honesty never know what you will find in a thrift store until you get there. You could come across loads of different styles ranging from vintage to trendy, or even designer for an incredibly low price -- which brings me to the next point.
HIGH-QUALITY GOODS AT LOW PRICES- There are going to be amazing deals all over a thrift store. You can save a lot of money on clothing, furniture, home decor, accessories, books, games, and so on. Not only that, you will be getting about the same quality as you would if you bought it full priced at the original store.
DIY PROJECTS- Thrifting can also lead you to your next DIY project. You may
have a shirt in mind and spot a shirt that comes close but needs a little TLC. You can find all you need to start your DIY projects at a local thrift store.
YOUR PURCHASE MATTERS- Many thrift stores are non-profits in partnerships
with local charities. Therefore, every time you purchase something, you are also
supporting a good cause as well as your community.

If you have never thrifted or gave up on trying to find the gems everyone besides you have been able to find, there are a few tips to help you improve your thrifting experience including setting lower expectations, planning ahead to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, being prepared to take your time to find those treasured gems, consider repairing or modifying pieces, and being prepared to be there for a while and try just about anything on.

Thrifting is quite beneficial for the overall way of living and creates an adventurous experience for shoppers. If you find joy in finding unique and valuable things out of the blue, you will love shopping at a secondhand store.

Words by Jasmine Tate
Images via Pinterest
Additional References: Goodwill, Glitter Guide