August 18 2023 – Delikate Rayne

What would you get if the Great Gatsby and the original Soho House (in London) had a baby? Something that probably highly resembles New York based City Root's hospitality group latest vegan venture Anixi. Much like its etymology suggests, it is a place where life thrives. The first thing you notice when you walk in how it's in a class of its own. It's unlike any other vegan establishment you have ever been to- It's sexy, it's modern, it's fresh. A slinky restaurant located in Chelsea, New York that has made all the right moves. The unexpected yet vibrant menu of this middle eastern brasserie includes hot and cold mezze (shareable plates that are rooted in rich flavors like tahini/puree flavored hummus, molasses, lemon infused yogurt and more), juicy sides that boast roasted vegetables and exotic spices, and artisan cocktails amongst a host of other perfectly crafted beverages. And the cherry on top? Like its sister restaurants, Anixi is vegan and kosher but also gluten free.
Maybe you sit in a section where the velvet loveseats are opposite an arched door. The door is etched into a beautiful marble granite wall that could easily be a feature straight from a luxurious Mediterranean resort. There are velvet curtains and chairs in deep purples, cerulean blues, and anise star greens. Stunning gold tones and accents everywhere. The chandelier lights reflect off of mirrors. If you look closely, you can spot all the cultures Anixi references in its decor- the Greek key pattern in the gold decorative coving molding. The middle eastern influence in its subdued yet striking color palette. The geometric motifs in the gold framing. Anixi oozes soft yet provocative mystery and embodies all the intrigue and captivating allure of an exclusive, upscale members only club. The food and presentation is just as enticing as its environment.
The layered herb bread and petite vegetable crudité came with a dip Mezze: Taramasalata- a fantastic, lemony tart dip that gets it powerful, sharp taste from lemon infused yogurt, orange seaweed caviar, and red onions- creamy whipped ricotta, and the Kabocha Squash dip. The whipped ricotta is next level, definitely worth trying.
The grilled chicken shish kabob is a Turkish delicacy that replaces meat with a protein substitute. The coriander, cilantro, and lemon give it that citrusy flavor that balances well with the spice of turmeric and paprika. The flavoring on this dish is impeccable and quite memorable.
If you ever wanted to have fancy tater tots- the Artichoke Tots are your perfect opportunity. Instead of potatoes, the fill is artichoke and it's served with lemon saffron dip and cilantro tahini dip. For food historians, and vegetable fanatists, one might associate artichokes with royalty and its mediterranean and Greek roots. 
The unforeseen combination of these flavors is striking and if you are only going to order a few things, do not skip this. This appetizer is to die for.
Lamb is a middle eastern and Mediterranean staple and for most vegans and even some vegetarians any food related item with the word "lamb" in it would be avoided at all costs. However, do no let the name deter you here- the Lamb Manti Pockets are a stellar, tasty example of outstanding enjoyable Turkish cuisine.
 By invoking flavors of lemon, brown butter, and sumac over slow roasted tomato confit the result is a phenomenal hot Mezze dish that you will continue to dream about long after you have left.  
The Turkish Flatbread pizza is traditionally boat shaped and thin crusted and can be loaded with many kinds of toppings. This recipe does not include meat and instead creates a strong cast of flavor using vegetables and traditional spices instead.. Briny, flavorful capers interact with vegan whipped ricotta and spicy harissa equally as they do with red onions and thyme. The crust is crispy making this a wholesome textural experience for the mouth. They also cut and serve this for you right at the table giving you a chance to be fully immersed in the culinary experience.
The Medjool Date Cake is one of the most decadent desserts on the menu. It contains dark chocolate cream” cheese”, chocolate ganache, and is littered with candied pecans, fresh figs, and edible gold.
The cake is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The name and description of this treat just doesn't do it justice. If you are going to order any dessert this is it. Thank us later.
While Anixi serves up delightful drinks tableside, it also has its own bar area worth checking out. Cozy yet enthralling it beckons you to get a drink before dinner, after or both. With a happy hour in place as well, Anixi offters patrons the chance to try some of their most popular libations at a much lower price point. Mocktails, house made soda, lattes and tea are also the vibe here. The bar offers specialty vegan craft cocktails created from scratch. Utilizing unexpected ingredients and pairings of flavors results in some of the most creative combinations that taste just as good as they look. The Smoky Sumac Cocktails boast a bold color from the grapefruit juice, campari, and sumac syrup. Other ingredients include mezcal, and mint with a garnish of lime. Also available with tequila blanco or reposado.
The Prickly Lemon cocktail starts with ginger infused rum base ultimately landing with a strong fruit forward, sweet and tarty taste that is light: prickly pear puree, rum, Lemon rind, lemon juice, and a prominent fernet flavor makes this the ideal cocktail to sip on anytime as it doesn't leave you feeling too "full".

General takeaway? Anixi is a place to see and be seen: The atmosphere is seductive, the food and the ambience are both equally memorable- a sensual yet, esteemed establishment perfect for a sultry date night or a stylish night out with friends. The next time you're in the mood for a captivating adventure on the town take a chance on Anixi. It lives up to its intrigue and delivers with quality that will be long remembered. 

*All menu items may be subject to change- unavailable or modified to a new version from the time of publishing this article 
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Words by: DR Staff