February 11 2023 – Delikate Rayne

From among all of the islands in the Maldives for you to choose from, one of the best resorts to visit is Amilla Fushi, which directly translates to "My Island Home." And make this island your temporary home for the time being, indeed, after you take a seaplane from Malé and get onto a luxury speedboat for a short ride into the embrace of this incredible paradise.


Once there, you will find a sanctuary for healthy-minded people. Amilla Fushi prides itself on its wide array of wellness programs that are run by Bodyism and that focus on covering every aspect of health and well being imaginable. Providing amazing spas with exceptionally professional massage therapists, you might want to consider booking more than just one appointment during your stay here. 

As for places to stay, Amilla Fushi offers plenty of luxury options and accommodations, such as large family beach-side villas, wellness tree houses (that are actually built into trees!) with their own spa rooms, and over-water villas hanging over the Indian Ocean. When walking into these rooms for a night of rest, be prepared for a light, airy, and stylish modern design with a generous amount of both lounging and storage space. Built with open bathrooms that have rain showers and extravagant bathtubs, a full minibar with both automatic tea and coffee machines, and a fully stocked wine fridge, many of the rooms' amenities are made by Aesop which manufacture natural, cruelty-free, and high-quality vegan products.

If you choose to stay at the Ocean Reef House, expect stylish seating areas, sun loungers, a shower area, and an ocean-view infinity pool outside the building. And if you step down into the sea water that is just at the edge of your lodging, you'll be amazed to discover a reef right at the tips of your toes, which is an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves to scuba dive and see tropical fish!

If you enjoy diving, contact the Dive Butler International team who specialize in luxury diving. However, if diving is not for you, visit the Hanifaru Bay to go snorkeling instead. There, after a short boat ride, you will discover one of the world's best feeding spots for mantas. And if you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of whale sharks at this protected site as well!

When you're hungry, get ready to fill your belly with hummus, babaganoush, sun dried tomatoes, chargrilled artichokes, and fresh salad leaves. The resort also carries sushi, fruits, cereals, seeds and nuts, and different juices with an extra nutrition boost of spirulina and wheatgrass. The menu also offers smashed pumpkin on rye with wilted spinach and za'tar and even ambrosial coconut yogurt! 

There's so much to choose from for every meal of the day; for instance, breakfast choices include tofu scramble, vegan omelet, plant-based pancakes, and the popular Blueberry Oatmeal waffles. They even have Indian Breakfast and Arabic breakfast, too, which can both be personally veganized by the very skilled chef. Lunch and dinner means a possible serving of vegan calzone, vegan tacos, vegan fish and chips, and all can be topped with vegan cheese. During dinner specifically, the chef can prepare you a separate vegan menu of Japanese gyoza dumplings, udon noodles, delicate tofu, and vegetable-stuffed, braised cabbage rolls. And for dessert, you can enjoy fruity agar agar on diced fruits with sorbet, different cakes, and something called the Dark Chocolate and Coconut Macaroon Tart that is served on coconut ice cream with fresh fruit. 

Even the wellness program at the resort offers delicious meals on top of their one-on-one sessions with the Bodyism Performance Specialist. Providing a bunch of group taster classes to go along with that wellness program, the resort also has a Wellness Menu, where you can find “Clean and Lean” cafes and other restaurants that have amazing superfoods, salads, soups, and protein-packed smoothies that not only pleases your tastebuds. but your mind, too.


So fly over to this paradise island to enjoy the exquisitely-designed rooms, taste the delectable foods, and enjoy some of the fun adventures Amilla Fushi has to offer to you!

Images: Tumblr, Pinterest
Words by Theresa Do