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November 18 2016 – Delikate Rayne


If you’re already over shattered-glass nails and are looking for the next big think to obsess over, look no further. We recently came across another nail craze that will make you look like a stone cold fox. Literally.  The marble mani is the newest trend taking the salon scene by storm, and now you can rock it from home. There are a couple of ways to turn your nails into statuesque works of art.  You can achieve a marble mani by plunging your nails into a bowl of water with polish on top, or you can turn your talons into stones by swirling polish on a piece of plastic before peeling off the semi-dry design and placing it on your nails.  If those techniques seem out of your nail-painting league, you can always just do it the old-fashioned way and drag a toothpick through wet polish to recreate this magnificent marble look. Marble isn’t just for countertops anymore, babe!  Take a look at the pictures below and follow our four easy steps to achieve this flawlessly chic nail trend.




-Plastic wrap

-Q Tips

-White nail polish

-Black nail polish

-Nail conditioner



The first step is to paint two, thin coats of nail polish for the base. Be sure to allow time for each coat to dry fully in order to prevent bubbling on the finished look. If you're trying to create the white marble look then this color would be white.



Once the base coat is completely dry, ball up a piece of cling wrap as tightly as you can. Choose a side on the balled up plastic that has plenty of wrinkle to it and paint the black polish onto it. Don’t cover the whole surface! Imperfection is what we’re going for. Gently tap the excess polish onto a tissue. Then, take the painted plastic and press it lightly against the white nails a few times. Repeat this step on each nail, adding more polish to the plastic as needed. Each nail will have a different size and shape pattern, and that’s completely ok. Marble print is supposed to be natural and organic, not perfect.



For added swirl effect, dot on the color you would like to appear as the marble on top. Using a detail brush swirl around the colors into an organic free-form shape.  For the white-and-black marble look, this is when you apply the black. Pro Tip: Make sure the dots are very tiny. Or try squiggly lines in acrylic paint for a similar effect.


Let the nails completely dry (it shouldn’t take too long) and seal the design with a topcoatApply your favorite top coat. Pro tip: If you want to give your nails a matte finish, try using a matte top coat for a less shiny look. Use Q-tips and nail polish remover to get rid of the access white and black polish that got around your nails. And you did it! Marble nails rock on.


Imagery via Merged Fashion, Weekday Carnival, Studded Hearts, Pinterest
Words written by Mallory Maupin w/additional text added by DR staff