The wearable you didn’t know you needed.  LED lashes are taking starry eyed to a whole new level. First debuted at the Maker Faire earlier this Spring, these fake lashes are unlike any other falsies you’ve ever seen. They come equipped with LED lights that will make your eyes literally lit. You just apply them with eyelash glue as you would any other less technologically advanced set, and let the compliments and looks of total wonderment roll in. 


As designer Tien Pham each set also comes complete with game-changing interactive components. You can program the lights to twinkle, or even put them in “dance mode,” which means they flash as you jump up and down, as people are tempted to do while dancing. 

Can’t wait, right? Bump your breaks, F. Lashes aren’t quite to market yet. Still in the prototype stages, and they wont make it to production unless the F.Lashes Kickstarter succeeds in raising enough money to fund the operation. Good new, the campaign just started in July, so donate plenty of money to ensure that your dance-club dreams come true. Forget glittery eyeliner and a winning smile — this is how you really get the room lit. 


Imagery via OK! Magazine, H Magasin, Pinterest
Words written by Mallory Maupin