If you’re like us and are looking to savor every last drop of summer this Labor Day weekend, replay the most coveted effortless hairstyles before summer is gone for good. What is bright lipsticks, even brighter nail colors and dewy, radiant skin, without effortless hair to match? Just because summer’s coming to a close it  doesn’t mean you have to darken up your locks or lighten up on the fun. Light and bright colors are still the more the merrier during the transitional time between summer to fall. Want that wispy do to last long after the dog days of festival season have passed? Get your last kicks in with our favorite labor-less hairstyles to get you through summer’s sendoff this Labor Day weekend. Say a fitting farewell to summertime in the most chic and effortless hairstyles of the season!

This is as effortless as you can get, a nice spin on the front top pony. As the first step, take a segment of hair at the top of your head and pull this back to create a half-up and half-down effect. Begin creating a braid, by plaiting strands of hair back into a woven style. Use an elastic bun to hold this pulled-back section in place.

To bring texture to your hairstyle, use a comb to backcomb your roots and create volume. Continue to curl the rest of your head, by wrapping thin segments of hair around the iron. Use your fingers to enhance the look of your volumized tresses, and enjoy your simple yet refreshing new look.

While we’re familiar with the mermaid inspired side braid at this point, the latest braiding trend doubles the fun with two plaited pigtails. Known as double dutch braids and sometimes referred to as boxer braids, this hairstyle is quickly replacing bohemian waves as a hot trend.
To achieve the look for yourself, you can start by neatly center parting your straight and tangle-free locks. Next, take a section of hair on one side of your visage, and use a hair mousse to create a slick, wet look effect. To begin crafting the hairstyle on one side, plait your sectioned tresses into a three-strand braid which starts at the forehead. Use a hair elastic to hold your newly formed braid in place, and repeat the process for the other side as well.

Space buns are just the cutest thing! Easy peezy, and super fun in just a few simple steps.
Firstly, take the top section of hair from one side (starting at eyebrow level) and put it in a loose bun or clip for later.  With the other top section half, pull taut and start twisting! Twist until your hair naturally forms a twisted mini bun. Tuck the end under the bun, and secure with an elastic band. Pop in a bobby pin in to make sure it stays put. Repeat on the opposite side, but make sure it’s in the same location as the other one. No lopsided buns here.  Pull a few front strands out toloosin’ it up.
Imagery via Tumblr, Pinterest
Words written by Mallory Maupin