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October 31 2016 – Delikate Rayne

Lights are a part of our everyday life. From the lights in our homes, to street lights, to even the flash on our phone. Lights have been a necessary part of our day to day life for decades, but more recently they’ve become the newest fashion craze. Ever since Claire Danes showed up to the Met Gala in her light up dress, we’ve been looking for ways to add some light to our wardrobe. The easiest way to do so? Light up shoes! No worries- they’re a little different and a lot more stylish than the ones we rocked as toddlers. Whether you choose the light up or glow in the dark sneakers, or the boots and heels with LEDs, you’ll be the center of attention. Wherever you go, don’t forget to bring your it girl approved light up Lumee phone case. This light up case gives you the perfect selfie lighting in any environment.

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Additional imagery via Daily Mail UK, Pinterest
Words written by Rachel Rusian