We’ve all experienced heartbreak in our lives. Although often used to describe a breakup with a significant other, the term “heartbreak” isn’t exclusive to just that.  They are many nuances to heartbreak, and it can occur in many different ways, for many different reasons. However, regardless of the cause for your heartbreak most people can agree on the one cure: retail therapy.
Today for a little retail therapy session, we picked some outfits based off of everybody’s favorite heartbreaker: Summer Finn. (If you haven’t seen the movie 500 Days of Summer, it’s basically one hour and thirty-seven minutes of Summer breaking her coworker Tom’s heart.)
Summer’s style was very quirky and vintage. She often wore lots of collars, and almost always had some sort of hair accessory. We found some super trendy metallic hair pins that can easily make any hairstyle that much cuter and this  “Shellphone” phone case is just the right amount of quriky for everyday. You can pair any outfit with these old-fashion style wedges with ankle straps to give it a more vintage look.


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Additional imagery via Le Fashion

Words written by Rachel Rusian