Often times, when you get paid you have priorities to pay for. Bills and necessities are always first on the list, and sometimes there may not be too much left over! This means not always being able to go out and shop every weekend. While that may be reality, some of us can’t help but splurge every now and then. Sometimes we have to patiently save up our money in order to get something we’ve had our eye on- patience is key! If you’re one of those people, we found some items that are worth saving up for. First on our list is the famous, Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. These bags have their iconic chain detail, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for a clutch, backpack, or even tote, there’s a vegan leather Falabella Bag for that! Next, is a Vaute Coat. Vaute Couture is a brand that specializes in all vegan fashion, but they are especially known for their winter coats. These coats are extremely warm and water proof, so they’ll be sure to get you through even the toughest winters! Lastly, we have some Matt&Nat shoes. Mostly known for their range of vegan leather bags, Matt&Nat expanded their brand, and began a line of vegan leather shoes. There’s shoes of all styles and a wide selection of colors to choose from as well! The perfect pair of shoes is definitely something worth saving up for.
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 Imagery via Upscale Hype, Pinterest
Words written by Rachel Rusian