November 11 2016 – Delikate Rayne

Just because it is that wet time of year when you’ll see more rainy days than sunshine, doesn’t mean you have to look like a wet dog throughout. Rather than trying to avoid frizzy hair and runny makeup at the plight of rainy days, we decided to skid into the curve. The answer to all of your rainy day problems-gloss EVERYTHING! Lil Mama once sang, "My lip gloss be cool, my lip gloss be poppin'." And she was not wrong — lip gloss is always a good idea — but what we've never understood is why she left out all the other places you can put gloss. What about your lids, your ponytail, your cheekbones? Really, the stuff can put just about any feature in the spotlight. Which brings us to our current motto: all gloss everywhere. Gone are the days of crunchy beach hair and ultra-matte skin and lips. We're throwing it back to the late '90s and early 2000s, when the shine was dialed all the way up! To demonstrate our renewed love of wet-look texture we rounded up wet looks so slick, so sparkly, and so satiny, you'll be wishing you'd held on to every tube of gloss you’ve ever had. 

W E T  &  W I L D  T R E S S E S

What's the difference between gloss and shine? Gloss tends to have a dewy, wet texture, whereas shine feels flatter. The easiest way to get slick strands is to opt for a straight, smooth style. When hair is straight, it catches the light and looks extra glossy.  Luckily, it's easy to pull off! Start by treating damp hair with a little oil, then blew it out straight. To finish, run a flat iron down the length, and mist light-hold shine spray from roots to ends. For frizzy hair that requires extra control, run a touch of styling gel through the top with a comb. But tread lightly, if you use just a little it won't dry crunchy. Sleek, chic and ready to face any wet weather!
L I P  S E R V I C E

There is one universal truth when it comes to gloss: It always looks stellar on lips! Since patent-finish lips are so 2000s, make sure to update the look with a pop of color of even an ombre finish.Fair warning: Things are gonna get sticky, so don't wear this on an especially windy day (or pre-makeout) — ain't nobody got time for that mess.

G L O S S E D  O U T  L I D S

Whenever you’re looking to add dimension and amp up your look, wet shadow will answer all your prayers. The idea sounds simple enough, but if you really want to milk it for all the look it's work, a little technique must be employed. If you have the patience and if touching-up your makeup in the middle of an event or dinner doesn’t bother you, all the power to you! The trick to this eye makeup is layering. If you’re interested in a nude glossy lid or colourful wet lids, layering will prolong this look. Just be aware that creasing will likely happen, but all you need to do is keep tabs on how your makeup is sitting in the crease of your lids and move the product around a little bit to freshen it up whenever necessary. Don’t forget, prime, prime, prime!


 Imagery via PopSugar, Jamie Nelson Photo, Pinterest, Kimberley Cattin, Byrdie
Words Written by Mallory Maupin