Coco Chanel is one of, if not the most, recognizable designers of all time. One of the her most influential works was the creation of her Chanel Suits. At this point in time (around the 1920’s) women wearing suits was groundbreaking to say the least. The widespread popularity of the Chanel Suit is known to be one of the first professional clothing options for women during that time.  The creation of the Chanel Suit was not only groundbreaking in the fashion world, but in the work world as well. The suit empowered and encouraged women all over the world to be independent and enter the workforce.
Fast forward to today, women are wearing all kinds of suits, trousers and blazers on a daily basis. Whether it’s for business or for fashion, we all know who to thank for women’s suits. We put together two outfits (complete with trousers and blazers), perfect to wear at work or even out to dinner.


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 Imagery via Olsens Anonymous 
Words written by Rachel Rusian