If you thought the denim obsession was a thing of the past, think again! Denim has a way of reinventing itself from a distant Western mirage to a reimagined denim dream that has been completely deconstructed and repurposed. Whether you’re getting away for a weekend or an extended stay, packing your beauty regimen to go is a must. These denim cosmetics bags receive top marks for design, durability and thoughtful interiors, which makes organizing compacts, brushes, and liquids a synch. For those who take a leaner approach, the softer pouches make the most sense. If you’re looking to bring most of your potions and products wherever you go, the stacked, larger bags or boxed cases are the way to go. So now the only choice you have left to make is where to you’re off to next! It's what's on the inside that counts—makeup essentials, of course— but the outside of your makeup kit should look good enough to wear, too. Check out these denim beauty bags so pretty you'll want to tote them around wherever you go
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  Imagery via, Google Images, Tumblr
Words written by Mallory Maupin