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Every year, there is a discovery regarding skincare. That includes the newest of those discoveries, skin cycling. We are all looking for new ways to improve our skincare routine, and skin cycling appears useful to add to your regime. The concept of skin cycling implies that you should rotate your nighttime skincare products throughout the week in order to optimize the results and avoid any damage or irritation that might appear on your skin. Skin cycling has the ability to work with any skin type because you have the control to adjust the products you use and how often you might use them on your skin. Of course, you should always confide with your dermatologist if you consider adding skin cycling to your skincare routine.


While skin cycling is a current viral beauty trend, it can be difficult to find products that work best for you, which skin cycling can help you do. This specific skincare process approaches complex skincare regimes and gets rid of them. It aims to be a simplified skincare routine that could be more beneficial for your skin than a complicated routine. It encourages the user to be more thoughtful and deliberate with their skincare routine.

Now with skin cycling, the process includes rotating between retinoids, chemical exfoliators, and moisturizers throughout the week to increase the benefits and avoid over-exfoliating your skin. This process also includes designating certain products for chosen days instead of using all of them consistently. Just like our bodies, our skin needs rest too. This will reduce skin sensitivity, dryness, and
any inflammation that might occur.

In order to grasp a better understanding of how skin cycling might work for you, there will be a night-by-night guide to get you started.

1. Night 1: Exfoliation
This first night should be about exfoliating. This skincare process takes off the dead skin cells from the surface layer of your skin. By doing this exfoliation process first, your other products will be able to perform more efficiently and effectively due to them being able to penetrate deep into the skin in a more controlled manner. Once you have exfoliated, you will need to moisturize. In addition, you might want to lean more towards purchasing a chemical exfoliant besides a physical scrub because it can be gentler on the skin.

2. Night 2: Retinoids
The second night should be centered around retinoids, which are essentially vitamin A derivatives that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinoids can be purchased over the counter: retinol or through prescription medication: tretinoin. It should be noted that if this is your first time with a retinoid, it can cause some irritation to the skin.

3. Night 3 and 4: Recovery
These are the final steps of the rotating process. You will not use exfoliations or retinoids; this will allow your skin to rest and recover. The focus of these two nights should involve nourishing your skin and repairing it by hydrating and moisturizing it.

When you are referring to this guide, it is crucial to remember that a good skincare routine, like skin cycling, relies on consistency more than frequency. Some products, like those previously referred to, can be more effective when used regularly, even when you are not utilizing them daily. Furthermore, now that there is an understanding of the steps you should take when skin cycling, it is important to know the benefits of it.

- Skin cycling can help repair your skin barrier:
A healthy skin barrier should be important for everyone. It is crucial not only to the health of your skin but your overall health as well. The skin barrier is what protects you from infection, harsh chemicals, and allergens. In addition, a compromised skin barrier can play a role in symptoms of skin conditions.

- Skin cycling may reduce your negative product side effects:
Another point of skin cycling is to decrease any possible side effects of many ingredients found in skincare products.

- Skin cycling could possibly help protect the skin against seasonal issues:
As cooler, windy, and dry climates begin to set in, it can be beneficial to utilize skin cycling. The comments previously mentioned could cause dry skin and worsen certain skin conditions. Moreover, skin cycling can help your skin with staying hydrated and handle the environment around you.

If you want to change your skincare regime, skin cycling might be for you. It approaches the skincare process with a simplistic outlook that can help you set a structured schedule that makes sense for you and gives your skin the rest it might need.

Words by: Erica Benton


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