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October 05 2016 – Delikate Rayne

When most of us wake up in the morning after a late night of cocktail-sipping, Netflix binge watching or cramming in that work that is due bright and early the next day, and see dark circles, we are quick to blame the baggage on lack of sleep. However, the real culprit could be hitting the sheets in a face full of makeup, puffing on cigs, skipping out on eye cream or inheriting it from mommy dearest. Desperate for relieve from this affliction, we tend to brush on concealer that is too light or even worse cake it on.

These are all too common perils of concealer wearers. But there is hope! Orange really is the new....under eye savior. Fact: orange eye makeup works best to conceal dark circles in all skin tones. The surprising shade masks darkness without magnifying the issue. It makes sense really. If you think back to basic color theory, orange is the contrast color to that pesky blue tinge that lurks under our lash line in a disapproving fashion. So next time you’ve stayed out all night, woken up puffy eyed and unsure how to face the day, dab on one of these cruelty-free orange eye concealers and seize the day.




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Imagery via Beautyeditor.ca, Vogue, Google images
Words written by Mallory Maupin