Vegan dessert can be as difficult as creating something entirely from scratch or as easy as mixing a few ingredients.  Oftentimes we find that the simplest food is the best food, especially for those long days when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and satisfy your sweet tooth.  With it being July, and depending where you are in the world, probably pretty warm outside we decided to create another easy no bake dessert.

We see chia pudding all the time.  It’s very big in the vegan community for so many reasons.  Not only do chia seeds create a “pudding like” texture when added to liquid, they also pack quite a punch of essential nutrients.  One of the biggest benefits of chia seeds is the fact that they contain omega-3, which isn’t always easy to obtain when eating vegan.  For our recipe, we decided to create a simple chia pudding using minimal ingredients and taking no longer than 5 minutes to prepare.  For the flavor we decided on chocolate, but we also wanted to elevate the dish slightly using a seasonal fruit that would pair nicely with chocolate.  What goes better with chocolate than sweet, tart ripe raspberries?  This dessert is super easy to make, delicious, and perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day.

1 ½ cups unsweetened non-dairy milk
3 Tbsp. of unsweetened cocoa
3 ½ Tbsp. of organic cane sugar
½ tsp. vanilla extract
½ cup chia seeds
¾ cup raspberries


In a mixing bowl combine non-dairy milk, cocoa, sugar, and vanilla extract.  Whisk to incorporate.  Once combined, whisk in chia seeds.  Set aside.


To a blender or food processor add in the raspberries.  Blend until you have a jam consistency.

In a glass or bowl add in a layer of chocolate pudding and a layer of pureed raspberries alternating until you have your desired amount.  We like our chia pudding “textured,” but if you do not like the chia texture you can add it to a blender and blend until smooth.

Makes about 3 servings


Imagery by Alexandra Eberts

Additional Imagery via Notey

Recipe and words by Alexandra Eberts,