High haters, let’s stay open minded and subscribe to the view that some things that are misunderstood can often be good for you. Despite all the buzz, our understanding of cannabis and the ways it can benefit our skin, hair, and senses has been hazy at best...until now. No, this is not a public call to action to make like Snoop Dogg and smoke weed everyday per se. But if science is any indication, when applied topically, cannabis can be beneficial to your beauty routine. Although the benefits of cannabis have been clouded in mystery for years, here are an impressive amount of reasons you should consider a cannabis-infused hair treatment or skin elixir.

STIMULATES GROWTH: Cannabis contains cannabis sativa (hello, anti-inflammatory properties!) and essential fatty acids that stimulate hair growth, as well as add more sheen for shinier, healthier-looking hair.
NOURISHES SCALP: Gamma-Linolenic acid is moisturizing and combats dryness to improve scalp health i.e. less dandruff.
CONDITIONING ADDITIVE: Cannabis can be a valuable addition to shampoo as it contains vitamin E, which boosts hair cell regeneration. Plus, thanks to the fatty acids it's so moisturizing you can practically skip conditioner. So needless to say, it also makes for a great conditioner.
STRENGTHENS STRANDS: It contains a lot of protein, and considering that hair is made of protein, it will help rebuild and revitalize damaged strands for increased elasticity and smoother cuticles.
EASES INFLAMMATION: Whether it's a skin condition, like eczema and psoriasis, or a rash, you can smooth on cannabis oil, which is filled with powerful antioxidants, to soothe and help heal inflammation.
TREATS ACNE: The Cannabis plant contains 60 different types of cannabinoids, which have been shown to improve acne.
BOOSTS PROTECTIVE SHIELD: The cannabinoids, especially teamed with hydrating oils, also contribute to the skin's natural barrier function as they stimulate cell regeneration for healthier, more glow-y skin.
ANTI-ANGES: While smoking weed has been linked to accelerating the aging process, studies have shown that when applied topically, the THC in cannabis has anti-aging properties as it contributes to the overall health of skin and helps blocks harmful oxygen particles.

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Imagery via Pinterest, Tumblr

Words written by Mallory Maupin