June 07 2023 – Delikate Rayne

Looking for a vegan and kosher certified hotspot that is accessible, serves high quality vegan food and caters to your plant-based desires? Try: Beyond Sushi- a distinguished vegan restaurant chain whose menu boasts sushi with global inspired flavors, dumplings, food bowls and soups, as well as yummy desserts and refreshing juices. The composition of each dish is beautiful, and the food is very filling. You definitely get your money's worth here. Some highlights of the meal included: Fried Chick'n Bao, Rainbow and Spicy Mang roll, the Lychee/honeydew/mint juice and the ginger beef dumplings. You really can't go wrong with any of the choices here and always a plus- the portions are nice and hearty. Beyond Sushi has an affordable price point and would be a super cute lunch spot or an ideal place to pick food up from and enjoy in the park or at home. 
Beyond Sushi is truly stepping things up for plant-based food in a inviting, non-pretentious atmosphere. We visited the location on 56th street which felt like a classy joint with forward thinking twists on traditional Asian dishes. 
The Spicy Mang Roll is just one example of their creative interpretations. Avocado, mango, and cucumber (a healthy combination and a refreshing source of electrolytes) are wrapped up in black rice and crowned with a dollop of cayenne hot sauce- adding an excellent accent of spice to a cool and crunchy dish. This item exudes summertime vibes.
Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the Nutty Buddy Wrap showcases an interesting flavor profile and a lovely portion of veggies. When you first bite into the rice paper and romaine encasing, you might feel a burst of different flavors hit your tongue. The baked tofu or the marinated carrots might stand out. The earthy compliment of the soba noodles balances out the tarty tang of ponzu sauce and citrusy accents of cilantro. This plant-based dish isn't just earthy, bitter and citrusy- its jalapeno peanut butter sauce is the highlight of the dish and creates a distinct taste that overall creates a harmony amongst the other flavors.
The Charred Avocado roll is a great close tasting alternative to regular sushi. The black truffle caviar is perfect for those who want luxury gourmet without the sea food product. It is paired on top of grilled avocado and white rice. It's tasty filling is cucumber and jackfruit crab, an imitation meat that mimics the texture and consistency of real crab. The presentation is beautiful, and its flavors are more subtle than powerful.
The Fried Chicken Bao is an amazing sweet, sour-spicy dish. The chicken patties are crispy and sandwiched between soft, fluffy buns. The gojuchang paste and Thai chili give it that kick of spicy-sweet flavor and the pickled red onions offset the spice with a piquant taste. These small appetizers pack a really great punch and are worth every bit of $17.
Think dumplings but make them classy. These Ginger Beef Dumplings contain vegan braised "beef" and cured nappa cabbage. They are topped with chili oil and green onions, ginger and garlic. These seasonings are the perfect spicy savory touch, and it's highly recommended you try the complementary dark soy sauce to really get the mesh of how these flavors interact.
The Rainbow roll is one of the most colorful items on the menu and its ingredients reflect its diversity. This roll is vegan "Tuna" and "Salmon '' on white rice, with veggies like marinated carrots, cucumber, and avocado. The pickled red radish and lemon zest give it a sharp flavor (and color) and topped with a dot of smoked pepper sauce. This rainbow palette of flavors will definitely make you feel like you are tasting a little slice of heaven.
The Coconut Curry (not pictured) is a simple dish that works because of the beauty of its components. The curry is creamy, warm, and spruced up with spicy-citrusy notes of lime, chili oil, coconut and chili garnishes. The tender rice noodles are soft and provide a nice visual contrast to the curry. Overall, a pretty and nourishing soup. You really can't fake the organic flavors in this.
Who says meat substitutes can't be savvy? Beyond Sushi's cauliflower wings (not pictured) are definitely worth the hype and just another example of how Beyond Sushi is elevating the plant-based food game. These wings taste authentic and are twice as good as the real thing. These crispy wings are seasoned with sesame seeds and come with a serving of pickled cucumber salad and yogurt dipping sauce.
The Spring Rolls are incomparable. No one else is doing it better. Great news for people who love smoky flavors and hearty ingredients like shitake and seared chick'n beans. This dish also comes with a side of delicious mustard seed sauce for dipping.
Now on to the beverages- all were super hydrating, drinking the lychee honeydew and mint juice is like getting transported to the Maldives or a spa resort. It is sweet with that refreshing citrus taste and rich in nutrients. It's the perfect juice to drink over brunch with friends.
The mango, coconut water and ginger packs a sweet, refined punch. It makes you feel like summer forever is a thing in the form of a healthy, tropical looking drink packed to the brim with antioxidants and vitamins. The pineapple, carrot and lemon juice is good for the heart *and* for the stomach with ingredients that aid stomach digestion. All you really need is to be walking on a white sand beach somewhere. 
All of the Beyond Sushi locations are not the same size, some are definitely smaller than others but they all ooze a Zen like quality with clean décor. It's an ideal place to catch up with friends or have a quick brunch with family. Other locations include 37th Street and Upper East Side. No matter which one you choose to visit you will not be disappointed. 

*All menu items may be subject to change- unavailable or modified to a new version from the time of publishing this article
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