Undoubtedly, every year, every fashion season beauty trends seem to spring out of thin air. While some fade as quickly as they came, others have staying power that rivals that of the all black ‘fashion’ obsession. There is no uncertainty that all around the world people are pushing the limits and trying to reinvent themselves when it comes to beauty and fashion. While ideals of beauty change as often as the globe spins, various cultures adopt and follow different rules when it comes to looking good. So what are trendsetters around the world doing these days? Here are some of the most unusual, interesting, and hottest beauty trends found around the globe! 

If you thought the middle gap was the hottest trend since sliced bread, wait for this! A lot of people remember their awkward middle school days when they had to go to the dentist and wear braces to get their teeth looking nice and straight. Well, Japan has taken this Western ideal and turned it on its head. Yaeba teeth which translates to “double tooth” in Japan are seen as cute and childlike, making them more attractive in Japanese culture. They are attained by using dental crowns that elongate canine teeth and give an overcrowded, somewhat vampire look to your teeth.
This phenomenon is a very recent trend originating in the UK. Who doesnt  love a good hair day, right?! Well the idea behind scalp botox is that it will prevent sweating along the hairline, and therefore keep your hair frizz free even afterworking out. This technique has been used to reduce perspiration for underarms, feet and hands, but is now making its way up to the infamously trendsetting hairline. Botox has long been a wildly popular cosmetic fix and now it can even keep you sweat free even after a rigorous yoga sesh.
Henna is such a beautiful form of body art, it is only natural that adaptations of it would spread like wild fire. Remember when flash tattoos were a think? Precisely! The latest of such adaptations being white henna, a hot beauty trend thats caught on in the United Arab Emirates. Traditionally henna is a dark pigment that temporarily tattoos skin with intricate designs and patterns, and has been around for centuries in the Middle East. The white henna has emerged because it bears a close resemblance to lace and has been used as additional embellishment for everyday adornment on hands, feet and other parts of the body.
Feminists everywhere rejoice! We have all seen the rainbow hair trend. Well, if you are not ready to commit to a full head of purple hair you can always start with your armpit hair. This trend started in none other than Seattle, and has recentlybecome a hit! This campaign started by a woman dying her armpit hair to match the turquoise hair on her head, and it actually caught on. It now represents women celebrating their natural hair by adding a little pop of color, and hopefully lessening the taboo of women having hair under their arms all together.
No one wants to look hungover right? Wrong! Many women in Korea and Japan are adopting this new makeup trend that makes your face and eyes look puffy and flushed as they would after a long night of drinking. In Asia, the puffy under eyes are actually seen as vibrant and youthful. This look is completed by contouring and adding smudged makeup under the eyes to get the “I just woke up” appearance.  
Imagery via Into the Gloss, Buro 247, Huffington Post, WoodRuff Institute, Kuow, Kbeauty Now & Pinterest
Words written by Mallory Maupin