Have you ever spent your whole life trying to shy away from a few natural quirks? Only to wish you could have them back in present day 2016. Talk about comic irony, huh? We all know trends come and go and come right back around again. A few 2016 beauty trends are definitely counterintuitive and are surprisingly in style. For most of us we have been concealing our skin to make it picture perfect, plucking our eyebrows to keep them in all of their arched glory, and have more likely than not-tragically endured braces for all of our adolescent years. While many of these beauty ideals have been instilled in us for as long as we can remember, beauty trends in recent years have become far more unconventional and forgiving. Inspiring all of us to flaunt what we’ve got and never apologize for any of our natural beauty quirks. Laugh if you want, but it’s true! In other words, love what you got, girl! You never know when that adorable personal quirk will come right into the trend limelight.  Check out the ironic 2016 beauty trends that will make you laugh out loud.


Whether you were naturally blessed with these adorable sun spots or not, freckles are undeniably all the rage. Freckles are the new ‘it’ beauty mark, and luckily for any unmarked beauties there are alternatives. Fake it till you make it, and grab a light brown eyeliner, lip liner or basically any beauty pencil and lightly blot some on in areas where they naturally occur-along the nose bridge, upper lip, and apples of cheeks proving to be the most subtle.


Despite the relentless 90’s trend of barely-there, plucked to the bone eyebrows, they are back in 2016 with a vengeance. Untamed brows are proving that strong, bold ones score major attention. Step away from the tweezers and let those fierce face framers fly. Don’t raise your brow at this beauty trend!



Everyone’s got ‘em, and now it’s time to flaunt them! No more sleeked back, helmet hair for us. Waved baby hairs are no recent innovation and many black and Latina subcultures have been rocking them for years. In the past, for most using gel was a means of taming broken or damaged hair; it was a way to fashionably control flyaways. Today however, it’s about artfully framing your face in a more studied way. So channel your most fierce FKA Twigs and lay them down.



Tell your orthodontist to bug off, because imperfect teeth are all the rage.  Despite years of lusting after a pin-straight smile, gapped teeth are as chic as you can get in 2016. It may seem small, but the nuance a gap-toothed smile adds personality and charm to boot. So go ahead and embrace those ‘imperfections’ you’ve spent years overlooking.


This major make up don’t is now a DO. Remember those mascara rules you’ve meticulously mastered for the most sleek, fluttery lashes? Well it’s time to scrap them. Bigger and clumpier is what it’s all about. For years, we've been told that clumps are the enemy. In fact, several mascaras have been created just to keep your lashes looking natural, with high-tech wands and bristles that swipe excess mascara off your fringe. But now, the beauty world is taking a cue from '60s and it's saying that clumpy lashes are back.

Imagery via Tumblr, Pinterest, Google images

Words written by Mallory Maupin