We’re getting back to the basics today on DR Diary. Basics make getting dressed and picking out your daily outfit so much simpler. We picked out some of our favorite every day basics that we feel everybody should have in their wardrobe. The first and most obvious are plain tees. Basic tees are great to have in every color, but these white and gray slouchy tees we picked out are top priority. Next, a nice fitted pair of black pants. You can wear these black pants as part of a casual, every day outfit, or dress them up for a night out. Black pants are so versatile; everybody needs a pair. As far as accessories and shoes go, keeping the colors neutral is the key. A beige long-line knit cardigan, and white lace bra are must have layering pieces. Black sunglasses go with every outfit, as well as a skinny black choker, and brown faux leather bag. These simple faux leather chunky heels can add a little something extra to any outfit and tie your whole look together!


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Additional imagery via Pinterest
Words written by Rachel Rusian