In honor of Animal Awareness Week starting on June 19th, we were inspired to translate the persona of our favorite animals into aspects of our daily life. What can you do each day to bring attention to our Earth’s animals? Whether that’s volunteering at your local animal shelter, donating to an endangered species fund, or just helping to rescue an animal in need, see what you can do each day to draw your focus toward helping our animals.

When it comes to food, some challenges are presented as we vegans try to avoid bringing in any evidence of animals into our meals. My next thought was to eat the way some of my favorite animals do, as that’s where I struck magic, MONKEYS. Monkeys are crazy for bananas, as I am myself and many other vegans! With that being said, I’ve provided one of the easiest banana recipes one can make, banana ice cream! Super simple, just freeze as many bananas as you want (at least two for a single serving) and blend up in the food processor to form ice cream! It’s so easy, even a monkey could do it!

Banana Ice Cream

-as many peeled frozen bananas as you please (at least 2 for a single serving)
-1-2 tablespoons of non-dairy milk (for consistency)

In a blender or food processor place the peeled frozen bananas and begin to pulse. If you’re having trouble breaking up the bananas, add 1-2 tablespoons of non-diary milk to help work the bananas. Blend together until a thick, soft serve like texture develops. Serve immediately and top with whatever your heart desires!

Imagery via Grace Esler, Veg.Ge, Vogue Russia
Original Recipe via
Words written By Grace Esler