Nothing kills your radiating glow of motivation in life like not being able to express yourself. It's not a coincidence that is protected by the first amendment. We all have things we want to say but sometimes you just can't say what's on your mind. It might just not be politically correct if you will. We still need that release though, a way to get that built up emotion out- whether it be joy, sadness, anger, fear, happiness. Putting it off isn't the answer either. We all just have to scream some sh*t out at the top of our lungs from time to time. It feels good, that release. It's so important to make a conscious effort to discharge the inner feelings we all have. The accumulation with no unleashing can be extremely toxic. These toxins can wreak havoc internally resulting in poor skin, dull hair, brittle nails; the list goes on. Try as hard as we may to get that verbal satisfaction at times, we still fail. That stops now, statement pieces are here to lend that helping hand when all else fails. Start with a sweatshirt or tee and get going. Make your statement in style without saying a word. After all the best moves are sometimes made in silence. 

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Additional imagery via Teen Vogue
Words written by Delikate Rayne staff