Vegan Candy | Cruelty-Free Brands
When it comes to candy options especially around this time of year, Halloween to be exact, it's easy to be completely overwhelmed. Tack on the task of finding suitable vegetarian or vegan options and it's complete chaos. Lucky for you we have tracked down some of the better animal-free options. Including fruity, sour, rich and chocolate options, we have got all palettes covered. Take your pick from Let's Do Organic Gummy Bears , Charm's Blow Pops (who knew?!), Crispy Cat Candy Bars, Airheads, Divvies Vegan Treats, Cry BabiesGo Max Go Candy Bars and Mamba Fruit Chews. Best part is, Halloween or not, these yummy vegan delights can be enjoyed anytime of the year. Get your sweet on!