April 20 2016 – Delikate Rayne

As Earth Day approaches rapidly, you can go and do the usual - clean up a local park or a beach of all plastic and rubbish, or look into ways which you can recycle more effectively, to reduce your carbon footprint. You can even venture a bit out of your comfort zone by getting some bee-friendly seeds and planting them in a local park. As Bees are so important to us, they are the little miracles which pollinate our food crops. You can also help by creating a space to help the animals by putting out some bird feeders, leaving a small patch of your garden un-mowed or planting some plants to make your space greener. But how can you inject even a bit more environmentally friendly factors into your life outside of the daily? Sustainability, a term we keep hearing and seeing more and more these days. But what does it truly mean? Simply put, it is a practice or a system which positively impacts the environment, humanity, economy and the future of all of those things by supporting the long-term ecological balance and benefits all. We all would probably be down to incorporate eco-friendly practices in our lives if we only knew how besides the obvious options. A fun, great way to do so would be on your next vacay.



Right now sustainability is extra hot within the travel industry. Many properties boast levels of eco-friendliness and sustainability by using reusable energy or light, or employing local people from the nearby village and provide them with great job opportunities and training in hospitality. Many hotels are harvesting their own fruit and vegetables which they then use in their restaurant. The Four Seasons hotel in Koh Samui is doing it's part by implementing a policy of not cutting down any trees on the property. In order to preserve the remaining authenticity of the jungle, which they have built the resort around to preserve the wildlife and nature in the most natural form. There are also many many other resorts which have sanctuaries for animals on site which are a much better bet for the true animal lover. Rather than gimmicky attractions which in reality promote animal cruelty including elephant rides, hunting, swimming with dolphins, property zoos, Aquariums etc.



Once you have finalized your conscience accommodations, Whats the next step to making your trip even a bit more environmentally friendly? Along with making a more conscious decision on where you can be staying next time you travel, you can also invest in a reusable water bottle, that way you don't buy plastic bottles every day and just use the one you have. Which should help you to filter out most contaminated water. This is an easy and quick way you can make a small difference. When you cut out buying bottled plastic water all the time, you are helping to avoid to the tons of disposed of plastic that is polluting our food, air, oceans which is killing precious animal species and our planet earth. 

Remember- Be free, follow your bliss and be kind.

Imagery courtesy of Saga.co, author's own 4 Seasons photo, Vogue and ec Europa
Words written by Marsha Derevianko w/additional editing and text by Delikate Rayne