Our bodies are our deepest connection to the earth & humanity as a whole. Dress like the planet depends on it because it does!


September 09 2013 – Delikate Rayne

Get your Midas touch on! Instanly update any look with a slight touch of gold. This glamorous hue pulls even the most casual look together by immediately adding a bit of sophistication and polish to your ensemble. Go for the gold in an all out bold statement dress or warm sunnies. Try a tiny flash of golden metal with a dainty ring or make a statement with a chunky neck pieceWhen in doubt embrace the gold.
1. Saint Laurent, $695 Gold-plated Ring 
2. Versace, $1650 Sleeveless Dress
3. Balenciaga, $562 Chain Necklace
4. StyleStalker, $130 Gold pants
5. Kenzo, $239 Tiger Sweatshirt
6. Nanushka, $133.80 Metallic Gold Shorts
7. Linda Farrow, $1040