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August 28 2013 – Delikate Rayne

The fashion world is obsessed with florals. Season after season we see all types of flower print trends take center stage. So why stop at the clothes? We let the floral fixation take us into the discovery of floral foods. Well treats using lavender specifically to be exact. Combined with the tasty, tartness of blueberries- these recipes will please even the pickiest Patty. 
Wild blueberries are one of the highest in antioxidants of all berries. When the tangy blueberries and fragrant lavender are matched together a yummy, light, you can eat this and still maintain your figure summery treat is born. Get the recipe here.
Here is the ultimate summertime or anytime refresher. Not overly sweet but just the right mix of sweet and sour to satisfy the palette. Get the recipe here. Bonus-if you are making this then make some extra and use the excess to make some delightful blueberry lavender popsicles. 
These scrumptious little minis can be described as a party in your mouth. Which translates into blueberry cupcakes topped with a lavender buttercream. the secret being in the frosting, where dried french lavender buds is scattered throughout. See the full full recipe here.