March 20 2015 – Delikate Rayne

When it comes to saving the environment most people are willing and wanting to help if and when possible. Be it by taking stronger steps to recycle more or make a conscious effort to make sharpened and better informed decisions about what they purchase. What most don't realize is that sustainability can be integrated into many components of their life. One of these being vacationing. Yep you heard it right, travel can definitely be eco-friendly depending on where you going. If you are looking for an array of environmentally friendly digs, look no further than California- plus its the place everyone wants/needs to visit at least once. Home to endless sunshine, beaches and clean, healthy green living. Although there are a gazillion things, people and places to see when it comes to the golden state somethings you can't miss. Enter Orange County- you just can't visit California without coming to Orange County more affectionately known as the OC. Orange County is home to Casa Laguna the perfect place to satisfy both your needs of being green and conserving via charming accommodations. To meet your needs of conservation and sustainability is a rare find but Casa Laguna nails it.

Casa Laguna is a member of the Green Hotel Association of American. The hotel also boasts a recognized designated Wildlife Refuge in the National Wildlife Federation dedicated to butterflies and hummingbirds. Casa Laguna has also been awarded many times over for it's efforts and commitment to green practices, Casa Laguna is a definite favorite among jet setters and green enthusiasts alike. Not only does the hotel utilize eco-friendly components in its rooms but it is evident in its cuisine. Casa Laguna's on site chef sources and uses locally grown, organic food in the coveted farm to table practice.

Considered more of a boutique, intimate destination- this bed and breakfast is uber private. The lush on site landscapes, water front views and location provide ample areas for rest and relaxation away from the general hustle and bustle of life.

On site green efforts behind the scenes include the Staber, a water-saving washing machine, “on demand” water heating systems for all rooms and the use of non-biodegradable detergents in laundry, room cleaning and food and beverage sanitation. Any new construction and/or remodeling tries to utilize recycled and/ or sustainable materials whenever available or possible.

In addition, each of the guest rooms comes equipped with a hypoallergenic feather bed or pillow top mattress, hypoallergenic duvet, small refrigerator and coffeemaker, high speed internet and use of beach chairs and umbrellas for two of the beaches that are a stones throw from the hotel.

Many of Casa Laguna's sustainability efforts can be enjoyed by guests in a much more visible way. These include low flow shower-heads and sink aerators, fluorescent light bulbs plus the bedding and spa linens. The linens include sheets made from a microfiber that are very reminiscent to a silk like feel. Need more on the relaxation tip? All spa treatments will pamper you with luscious organic products, no need to worry about toxins here.