When it comes to fashion week everyone is putting their best foot forward. It's all about seeing and being seen. Since most are too busy putting effort and stock into their fashion week ensembles followed by their beauty regime  it's easy to overlook the eating component of your day. It's completely understandable, being on your feet all day long- from show to show and then straight to nighttime festivities, where do you find the time to eat? Plus try finding something that's not just pure junk among the fashion flurry. In order to sustain your constant motion and flutter of activity, something filling and healthy is definitely needed/required. So fuel up by throwing a smoothie blend packet (or two) into your bag for later to pour into that free bottle you just snagged at the last show or stash a coconut juice to wash a packet of saviseeds (these seeds on their own are the richest plant-based source of Omega-3 on the planet!) down. Any of these snacks are sure to give you the continual boost you need without the sluggish crash most snacky-items come with. So pick one or pick all and don't ever let a grumbling stomach get in the way of life ever again.
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